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The term Board MLM Plan typically refers to a specific type of compensation plan used in multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses. WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform for WordPress. Combining a Board MLM Plan with WooCommerce means integrating a specific compensation structure commonly used in MLM with an e-commerce website built using WooCommerce. Here’s an overview of what a Board MLM Plan is and how it might work in conjunction with WooCommerce:

Board MLM Plan:

A Board MLM Plan is a variation of the binary MLM plan. In a binary MLM plan, each distributor is limited to two down-line distributors. In a Board MLM Plan, you have a board with a fixed number of positions or levels (often organized like a pyramid). Each distributor must recruit a specific number of members to fill the board positions.

Here’s a simplified example of how it works:

  1. Board Structure: The board is structured with a set number of levels, such as 3, 4, 5, or more. Each level has a fixed number of positions, often increasing as you move higher up the board.
  2. Recruitment: A distributor joins the MLM and is placed on the first level. To progress through the board levels, they need to recruit a specific number of new distributors. For example, to move from level 1 to level 2, they might need to recruit two new distributors.
  3. Filling the Board: As distributors recruit new members, they fill the positions on their current level and then move to the next level. The goal is to progress through all the levels.
  4. Commissions: Distributors earn commissions or bonuses when they complete a level. The bonuses can be substantial, but they are usually tied to achieving specific recruitment and board-filling goals.

Integrating Board MLM Plan with WooCommerce:

When you integrate a Board MLM Plan with a WooCommerce website, you are essentially building a system that allows MLM distributors to manage their downlines, track their progress through the board, and potentially make sales through the WooCommerce store. Here’s how it might work:

  1. Member Dashboard: Each distributor has access to a dashboard where they can see their downline, the status of their board, and their commission earnings.
  2. Commission Tracking: The system tracks the progress of each distributor and calculates commissions and bonuses based on the MLM plan’s rules.
  3. E-commerce Integration: Distributors can have an e-commerce store within WooCommerce, allowing them to sell products or services associated with the MLM company. Sales made through their store can contribute to their commission earnings.
  4. Genealogy Tree: The MLM software may include a genealogy tree that visually represents the distributor’s downline and their positions on the board.
  5. Payouts: The system should facilitate the distribution of commissions and bonuses to distributors’ accounts, which can be managed through WooCommerce’s payment processing.

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Features of Board Plan with WooCommerce

  • Affiliate or Referral Commission
  • Level Commission
  • Join Commission
  • Matching Commission
  • Completion commission
  • Distribute commission
  • Payout Run
  • Payout & Reports
  • User Report
  • Withdrawals
  • Genealogy

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